The Co-op

The “The CO-OP”, also known as the aggregate, was originally an “ad-hoc backing band” for Malin Johansson (A/KA Blue Utopia), in 2007. The Brown Brothers, which I believe is a loose association New York City musicians and cultural mavens, wanted to “cross-pollinate jazz and pop musicians” so Wycliffe Gordon, trombonist, was hired to support the mysterious Johansson. The mysterious Brown Brothers had been observing Gordon’s gigs in New York City, including one with his quartet at The Village Vanguard in 2006. The Brothers rounded out the group with Derrick Hodge (bassist/composer), Jeremy Pelt (trumpeter/flugelhorn player, composer) and Kendrick Scott (drummer/composer) and Warren Wolf (keyboard, glockenspiel, vibes, marimba and piano). In other words a group of highly accomplished musicians, all of whom were composers/bandleaders.The liner notes don’t discuss the outcome of the Blue Utopia gig, or if there even was one, but when the group of band leaders/composers got together the results were so harmonious all decided to compose, play and record together, the result being this musically adventurous, often playful and good humored album. There are also some darker, more lustrous moments. From

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