Tommy Young

Tommy Young has been a leading artist on the Hammond B-3 Organ over the past three decades. Many keyboardists have moved to digital keyboards but Tommy kept the Hammond B-3 Organ’s big sound through a Leslie speaker. Although smaller digital keyboards attempted to replicate the original sound, nothing could match the powerful sounds of the huge wooden wonder box powered by electronic tubes. Tommy was instrumental in keeping the B-3 alive. The “KEEPER OF B” was born. The B-3 is 450 lb and the Leslie speakers are 150 lb. For this road warrior, buying organs, leslies, trucks, or moving dollies was a way to live. Tommy recorded many CD’s for various artists over the years, including Bugs Henderson and Andy Timmons and The Pawn Kings as well as Nancy Harmon and The Stratoblasters. Tommy returns to rhythm and blues, and jazz in the tradition of Jimmy Smith and Booker T. with his new CD, “KEEPER of THE B”. This music is timeless, as is the instrument. This CD features Tommy Nash and his criminal musical partners. This is what you should be paying attention to: Tommy Nash and Andy Timmons on guitar; Chuck Rainey on bass; Mike Medina and Mike Medina respectively on guitars; Ronnie Thomson on drums and Mitch Marine on drums. from

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