Zerkman Big Bang

Zerkman (ex Disciplina Kicme (ex Bukvar Bukvar), Vlada (Kanda Kodza i Nebojsa), and Vlada (ex Bane) meet for relaxed jam sessions. Zerkman Big Bang was the name given to the Trio. They also performed at the Subotica, Pozarevac, and Nis fesivals. Ex Straight Jackin’s First Adam, samples and percussion; later Chicco (saxophone), joined the line-up. The album “Zerkman Big Bang”, produced by Koja (Disciplin A Kitchme), was recorded in February 2009. Slusaj najglasnije released “Zerkman Big Bang”, a 2010 album. (Croatia), and SILOS (online magazine Popboks). Billy, guitar player, joined the band 2011. from http://www.myspace.com/zerkmanbigbang

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