Zoe. zoe, zoe. Greek for “life”, Absolute life, the same as God’s, in the sense that we have it. It’s the imperative form a slang in Brazil that means “play”, joke, or make fun. Zoe celebrates the gift of life with noise, silence, notes and music, making sure that everyone (and their audience) has lots of fun. The music of this trio is a mix of old-school rock’n’roll and a love of jazz improvisation. It’s also infused with Brazilian rhythms, harmony, and other influences. The music of this band, which includes Paulo Grua (guitar), Abraao Souza (bass) and Diego Marins (drums and percussion), is a mixture of their many influences. They range from Bossa Nova and Post-rock. The band’s first album was recorded live in the studio with all three musicians. It’s rich and intricate but not as intellectual as one would expect from Fusion albums. It’s emotive, atmospheric, and melodic and approximates the Post-rock style. from http://www.reverbnation.com

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