Audio Press Kit – John Lee Hooker

Release name: Audio Press Kit


Label: Chameleon Music Group

Label code: AMX-75129:30

Format: Vinyl, 12", Promo, White Label

Country: US

Release date: 1989

Genre: Blues, Non-Music

Style: Interview


1 “>B.B. King B.B King talks about what John Lee Hooker Means to the blues 0:30
2 “>John Lee Hooker How it was decided which artists would participate on each cut 0:46
3 “>John Lee Hooker Why it took so long for “The Healer” to come together 0:28
4 “>John Lee Hooker The ingredients that comprise a John Lee Hooker blues recording 0:29
5 “>John Lee Hooker How he and Carlos Santana came up with the concept for the song ‘The Healer’ 1:18
6 “>John Lee Hooker Why The blues is heard more frequently today on pop radio and tv 0:40
7 “>John Lee Hooker Why Bonnie Raitt wanted to duet on ‘In the mood’ 0:31
8 “>John Lee Hooker Why his style of blues is different, and why so many pop stars wanted to record with him 0:21
9 “>John Lee Hooker Was there a real Sally Mae, the subject of his first single (B-side of “Boogie Chillen” in 1948 0:34
10 “>John Lee Hooker Wht the blues is one of the oldest examples of roots music 0:37
11 “>John Lee Hooker Describing the feleing he and Robert Cray were going for on”Baby Lee” 0:34
12 “>John Lee Hooker What it meant personally to be inducted into the Blues Hall Of Fame 0:20
13 “>John Lee Hooker Why “Rockin’Chair” is his favorite cut 0:45
14 “>John Lee Hooker What the listener is being told in teh song, “No Subsitute” 0:36
15 “>John Lee Hooker How style came from step dad Will Moore… 1:06
16 “>John Lee Hooker Story behind lyrics of “Think Twice Before You Go” 0:25
17 “>John Lee Hooker Soem of the names used on his 70 singles released on 21 labels between 1949 and 1954 0:36
18 “>John Lee Hooker Background on the song, “My Dream” 0:46
19 “>John Lee Hooker Doesn’t consider himself a blues superstar 0:12
20 “>John Lee Hooker His involvement with the Blues Brothers film 0:42
21 “>John Lee Hooker How the song “That’s All Right” tells the story of forgiveness 0:47
22 “>John Lee Hooker Why the blues will never die 0:17
23 “>John Lee Hooker What he’s most proud of 0:38


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White label with hand stamped labels.
Includes one page double sided typed description of interview sections
Entire running time is 16:34

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