One young man and two old men channel traditional folk music through contemporary jazz improvisation. from http://www.oyvindskarbo.com 1982 must be designated as a supergroup within the genre of modern, improvised chamber music. It is unique in its instrumentation. We know of no other group that improvises music with harmonium, drums, and Hardanger fiddle. Nils Okland, a fiddler, has a background in folk music and is well-known for his unique playing style. The solo albums he has released on the Rune Grammofon and ECM labels have been well received. Okland was an active member of the Christian Wallumrod Ensemble over many years. Sigbjorn plays harmonium and church organ. He began studying organ and started playing free jazz with John Stevens. His credits include albums with Sigrid, Asne Valand Nordli, Berit Oheim Versto, Agnes Buen Garnas and electronica innovator Alog. Oyvind Skarbo, a drummer, has studied with TerjeIsungset and been on study tours to Nigerian and Cuba. In addition to his solo projects, he plays with BMX and Per Jorgensen, as well as Hilmar Jensson (Icelandic guitarist), Allroundhandwerker, and Kresten Osgood. Skarbo has operated the concert club Oyvind Jazzforum in Bergen since 2006. from http://hubromusic.com

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