3 Brave Souls

Three generations of Miles Davis alumni have fun playing progressive roots music. Keyboardist John Beasley and bassist Darryl Jones join forces to form the formidable trio 3 Brave Souls. The self-titled debut by BFM Jazz features Ndugu and Beasley’s New Orleans roots and Jones’ Chicago street-funk 3 Brave Souls. They are a deep groove. The revved-up, rootsy Meters romp, “Wanna Get Away”, and the more laid-back “Nothing Left to Say” feature Sy Smith’s soulful vocals. John Beasley, who is the consummate musician and composer, is currently the Music Director at ABC-TV’s “Duets” (featuring Kelly Clarkson, Robin Thicke and John Legend). Beasley’s songs are infectious and will get your feet tapping. Beasley’s jazz experience includes eight years of Freddie Hubbard, and an eye-opening (1989) year with Miles Davis. Positootly, Beasley’s prior record. The funky rhythm duo 3 Brave Souls was nominated to a Grammy Award. Jones has a wealth of rock, jazz and blues experience, including playing with Miles Davis and Michael Jackson. He is also a groovemeister of the highest order and has worked with many pop stars such as Cher, Madonna and Eric Clapton. Leon Chancler could be responsible for the distinctive drum beats in Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”. Ndugu, an inventive drummer and consummate timekeeper with a long list of studio recordings credits, has recorded and toured alongside Miles Davis and Michael Jackson. Beasley, Ndugu.

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