3 Cohens

Yuval, Anat, and Avishai have all had similar musical paths. Their musical tastes, approaches, and ideas have been shaped by their growing up in Tel-Aviv, where they attended the same schools in the mornings and the same music conservatory in the afternoons. They attended the Tel-Aviv School for the Arts and the Tel-Aviv School for the Arts. They had a background in classical music, which included some orchestral playing. The 3Cohens discovered jazz music was their passion and it wasn’t long before they were hooked. The Berklee College of Music was the next step. The World Scholarship Tour granted the three of them scholarships to Berklee. They were able to broaden their musical tastes and develop musically after graduation. The 3 formed a sextet in November 2002 and performed their original music at a Polish jazz festival. Their debut album, “ONE”, was born. The 3 Siblings have performed as many times as possible since then. Their concerts include performances at the Lodz Jazz Festival (Poland 2003), the Tel-Aviv Jazz Festival (2004), Caesarea Jazz Party “in a special program featuring the music of Louis Armstrong (2006), NYC (2006), and the Givatayim Jazz Festival in Israel (2005-2006 and 2007). Braid, 2007 Anzic Records, continues the remarkable story of the 3 Cohens. Although it is clear that the Cohens have some kind of telepathy or symbiosis in the studio and on the bandstand, the musical interplay between the siblings can only be described with amazement. Their unique virtuosity and creativity only enhance the music, which primarily stems out of their mutual respect and love as musicians and family members. from http://www.allaboutjazz.com

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