The 3MA musicians have had many experiences since their 2008 debut album. They regularly meet to perform 3MA concerts around the globe. Over the years, new ideas have emerged and have been refined to create new compositions and rework existing ones. Ten years after their adventures began, it was time for them to take stock of the situation and return to the studio. Their wonderful relationship and their mature experience are evident in this new album. Khalid Kouhen, a percussionist, joins Khalid Kouhen on two tracks to add subtle pulses with his Pakistani tablas u0026 Indian percussions. On two other tracks, Rajery and Driss can be heard singing. The rest of the record is dominated by the strings instruments, which weave their magic and rule. Each piece is the result a unique chemistry, in which parts can be difficult to identify. Instead of trying to be different, the sounds of kora and oud are able to create a common language. We can’t forget the rich traditions that Ballake Sissoko and Driss El Maoumi embody. But we also hear a common message from 3MA. It is a message that protests violence in the world with its soft and invigorating harmony, vital energy, and universal poetry. from www.sixdegreesrecords.com Ballake Sissoko (Mali) – Kora Driss El Maloumi (Morocco) – Oud Rajery (Madagascar) – Valina

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