3VEL is an instrumental acoustic group. Their music is characterized by a unique style that combines classical-type references with merica colours and a touch of fusion. In 1993, the group was formed. After their first experience as a trio, Maurizio Narei (guitar), Massimo Vassallo(bass), and Luca Vassallo [drums], respectively), the three musicians were joined in 1993 by a saxofonist and percussinist, keyboard, and piano players to better articulate the armonic discourse. Giustino Barletta, a pianist, and Carlo Imparato, a drummer, have been a permanent part of the group since 1996. 3vel has been participating in many musical performances. In 1994, they won the first prize at an important musical competition held at the Massaua Theatre of Turin with some instrumental pieces. After having sent demo tapes, 3vel received contact from MELLOW RECORD in Sanremo. They signed a contract that allowed them to record a piece for inclusion in a compilation as a tribute and to jazz and rock music from the seventies. They rearranged a piece taken from “Trusciant”, an album by the Baricentro. It is called AKUA. The compilation was released in December 1997. Meanwhile, the album “RIFLESSIONI”, which was recorded at Rainbow studios Turin and finalized in summer 1997 under Fabrizio Argiolas’ guidance, came out officially at the beginning of 1998.

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