A/b Trio

A/B Trio is a group of three top-rated performing and recording jazz musicians from Alberta – Thom Bennett (drums), Dan Davis(saxophone), Josh McHan [double bass]. The inspiration for this ensemble comes from the chordless, open-sounding Sonny Rollins and Joshua Redman groups, as well the work of Chris Potter, Ari Hoenig, and Chris Potter. Their music ranges from original interpretations of standard tunes to high-energy, groove-based music and modern, original repertoire. This music is accessible, fresh and captivating for jazz fans. Drums Multi-talented drummer, Thom Bennett splits his time between performing, producing, and engineering. Thom Bennett is a highly-respected professional musician who performs frequently throughout Canada with a variety of artists, including Ann Vriend and Mo Lefever. He has toured extensively across North America and Europe, playing clubs, coffee houses, corporate events, and festivals. He has shared the stage with Jacksoul and Brad Turner. He splits his time between his gigging schedule and producing and engineering records at Sanctuary Studios, Edmonton. He also teaches students and composes music for many genres. Bass Josh is one of western Canadas most in-demand bassists. Josh is a McGill Jazz Performance graduate from Montreal. He now lives in Edmonton, where he plays regularly with jazz legends like Tommy Banks and PJ Perry. He is also a popular sideman for many singer/songwriters. He performs both live and in studio. Josh recently earned his Masters in Double Bass Performance and can be seen performing classical music, including at several concerts with Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. Josh also teaches at MacEwan University. Saxophones Saxophonist Dan Davis is an active member of Albertas thriving music scene, playing many different styles of music, from Symphonic to Jazz to Polka and back. Dan graduated from the University of South Florida in 2009 with a masters degree in jazz studies. He has been associated with artists such as P.J. Perry, Jim Head and Mo Lefever, Kent Sangster as well as the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Ubiquitous Orchestras, the Edmonton Composers Collectives, Anne Vriend, Kubasonics, and Marty Majorowicz Syndicate to name a few. As an Educator, Dan leads master classes all over the province of Alberta and is the saxophone instructor at Alberta College Conservatory of Music and Macewan University from chronographrecords.com

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