A Bu

At the age of 4, A Bu began to learn the classical piano from Professor Zhang Shigu. He was a Chinese American piano teacher. Later, he won prizes at various piano contests. Professor Zhang was appointed after Zhang Shigu returned from China. Zhiwei, a Central Conservatory of Music teacher, took Zhang Shigu’s place. A Bu enrolled in the Affiliated Primary School of Central Conservatory of Music in 2009. He has been a member of the Piano Master summer camp in the U.S. since that time. A Bu was recommended to be admitted to the Affiliated Middle School of Central Conservatory of Music in June 2012 for his outstanding achievements. A B O Ut M E A Bu, in addition to his systematic and systematic classical piano trainings A Bu also learned jazz, Latin music theory and performed impromptu jazz and Latin songs from Professor Kong Hongwei (Golden Buddha), at the Central Conservatory of Music. A Bu started to learn how to record music, bass, percussion music, and saxophone. He also learned from other music teachers. This allowed him to gain more musical knowledge and apply it to his daily trainings. A Bu began to step out of the piano room and started jam sessions with different jazz musicians. This experience helped A Bu improve his live performance and teamwork skills. A Bu formed their first band, A Bu Jazz Trio Band, with Shao Haha, the drummer, and Ma Kai, the bass player. A Bu was invited to perform at the Sennheiser Momentum press conference with the Rolf Becker Big Band after their participation in the Beijing 9 Gate Jazz Music Festival 2012. The first studio performance album by A Bu Jazz Trio was recorded in Beijing at the end of 2012. Marc Vincent, President, Sennheiser China and Golden Buddha, were the site production supervisors. Jakob Haendel from Germany was the recorder. A Bu, a young man with a remarkable maturity, performed Giant Steps, a John Coltrane work. Perhaps A Bu is an exceptional case among the thousands of Chinese piano boys. Everyone who knows A Bu has high expectations of him. It may be premature to judge and interpret a boy of 13 years. We should wait to see A Bu’s achievements in the Chinese music industry. http://www.abujazz.com

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