A.d.d. Trio

A.D.D. The Trio was active in Switzerland during the 1990s. The trio was composed of Christy Doran, Robert Dick, and Steve Arguelles, a young drummer and percussionist. They were influenced by the tradition of Euro-jazz. The two albums “Instinct” (from 1995) and “Sic Bisquitus Desintegrat” (1998) are excellent examples of a marriage between jazz form and rock sensibility. These compositions are illustrative but also complex and largely improvisation-based. The trio filled a unique role that is rarely used by jazz and rock musicians – a guitar with multiple melodic and rhythmic roles, and intelligent drumming structures that provide ample space for various flutes. The musicians are skilled and never give in to the temptation of showing off. The promise of repeating patterns will disappoint rock fans. Some jazz fans may be unable to understand the structure of many compositions. These recordings will be rediscovered with unfaltering fascination by fans of sonicasymmetry. from http://sonicasymmetry.wordpress.com

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