Four jazz musicians in their mid-career with New England roots and extensive experience come together to create ten originals that are full of powerful playing and stunning solos. It was a chance meeting! It’s possible that it was not an accident that drummer Adam Nussbaum met bassist Dave Zinno and guitarist Jay Azzolina. The first-call quartet blends beautifully in their first play date. The session’s musical spirit, Michael Brecker, Govoni, and the band are the ones who preside over it. They also provide the platform for much of Chance Meeting’s work. With Brecker in mind, the four musicians–educators, bandleaders, conductors and original artists–form a single dynamic enterprise, playing with the confidence of visionaries that have the same elevated goal: to reach a new level not as individuals, but as a team, as an exhilarating ensemble with multiple talents but a single mind from www.whalingcitysound.com

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