Abayomy Afrobeat Orquestra

The Abayomy Afrobeat Orchestra’s 13 musicians first met in 2009 at the inaugural Fela Day Rio de Janeiro, an annual celebration to honor Nigerian Afrobeat king, Fela Kuti. They were united by their passion for Afrobeat and decided to merge their efforts, choosing a name that hints at their convergence. Abayomy, which means “chance encounter” in Yoruba, is the name of the band that has made it their mission since the incidental meeting in Rio to preserve the legacy of Kuti’s contemporaries in Brazilian culture and music. Abayomy, their debut album, was recorded in just four nights in 2012. It features hits tracks like Eru and Malunguinho. The group’s second album, Abra Sua Cabeca (Open Your Mind), was released in early 2013. It aims to once again establish their authority in Brazil’s Afrobeat scene. Since their inception, the band has made a lot of progress since they started out playing Fela Kuti covers. They now have collaborations with many of Afrobeat’s top players, including Kuti’s guitarist Oghene Kogaele, Kuti’s artwork designer Lemi Ghariokwu and Tony Allen. Allen’s second appearance on the album for Tony Relax, where he drives it with his seamless drumming serves to remind us of AAO’s position as a respected leader in Brazilian Afrobeat. from www.musicamacondo.com

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