Abraham Burton

Abraham Burton, a New York saxophonist, has been described as playing exquisite jazz. His solos are creative and powerful. At Hartford’s Hartt School of Music, he began to develop his natural talents. He was influenced by talented musicians like Jackie McLean and Michael Carvin. Burton graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the school. Burton graduated from the school with a B.A. in music. He also discovered a new passion for jazz greats like Lester Young and Louis Armstrong. The Wailers, a jazz group led by Arthur Taylor, became Burton’s band in 1992. They released two albums together. They also toured Europe extensively. Burton formed his own band after leaving the Wailers in 1994. Burton’s debut album Closest to the Sun was released in 1994 by the ENJA record label. It featured Marc Cary as pianist, Eric McPherson as drummer, and Billy Johnson as bassist. They toured Europe several times with the group, playing at many festivals, including the North Sea Festival and the Leverkusen Festival. Burton’s next album, The Magician in 1996, was his first. To release Cause and Effect, he teamed up with guitarist YosukeInoue, drummer Eric McPherson and pianist James Hurt in 1998. McPherson and Inoue remained on the album, Forbidden Fruit. Allmusic

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