Abrete Gandul

Abrete Gandul, a Chilean band, was founded in 1999 by Mauricio Del (a.k.a. guitarist). Dr. Octava). After having written many compositions, Mauricio spoke with Antonio Arcea, an old drummer friend with whom he shared common ideas and decided to form a band. Pablo Garcia, the bass player, joined them on the road. They made a studio album that is based upon Dr. Octava’s five compositions. Rodrigo Maccioni joined the band after this recording session and gave them an acoustic and transversal guitar. Rodrigo Garcia also replaced Pablo Garcia. This was the Abrete Gandul’s first line-up. They began to perform in local bars and other locations on Santiago de Chile. They were known for their extensive repertoire but also for making improvisations that helped them gain respect and develop a unique style of music. Their first album, “? Bichos = Dichos?” was released in December 2000. It shows their versatility, including rock, jazz and folk, while still searching for an experimental sound. There are also a few instrumental improvisations and some songs on the album. Rodrigo Garcia and Dr. Octava left the band in 2002. The band continued to be called Abrete Gandul despite this major change. In the middle of 2003, Pedro Santander, guitarist, joined the band. Jaime Acuna, keyboardist, and Rodrigo Pinto, keyboardist, were also added to the band. Although the band was now without vocals, it maintained an experimental sound. Abrete Gandul’s new repertoire was created with this five-member lineup. It has been performed in many locations throughout Chile during 2004. The band lost one guitarist over the years, but ABRETE GANDUL released their third studio album “Enjambre Sismico” mid-2011. Despite the loss of a few members, the band’s sound was still strong.

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