Adam Berenson

Classically-influenced jazz pianist/composer Adam Berenson has been described by author and Juilliard professor David Dubal as: “what is needed in our over specialized society– a true polyartist– Pianist, Playwright, Composer, Teacher, Humanist, and a man to get to know because in his smooth, respectful style, Mr. Berenson has a lot to show and tell us about art, behavior, and the ability to survive with humor in a harsh and rough time where we have decided art is not of utmost importance.” His music is influenced by many artists, such as Eric Satie and Ornette Coleman, Helmut Lachenmann (Garry Burton), Gyorgy Ligeti, and Keith Jarrett. Accessible and challenging, tonal, and non-tonal, Mr. Berenson’s music is accessible and challenging. It ranges from minimalist cool expressionism to unbridled romance. You can find a complete discography of the work of Mr. Berenson here. His interests extend beyond his work as a composer/performer. He also enjoys journalism. Formerly, he was the Philadelphia correspondent of the international publication Pulse! He was also a contributor to Philadelphia Weekly. Adam Berenson is a graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music’s Master’s program in Jazz Studies. He worked alongside Cecil McBee, pianist Paul Bley and other musicians, including Lee Hyla and Robert Ceely. Previous studies include a scholarship at Syracuse University for classical piano and a BFA film production at the Tisch School of The Arts at NYU. from

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