ADHD met for the first time in February 2008 at a blues festival held in Hofn, a village located in the volcanic south Iceland. Their debut album adhd was a success. The four members quickly developed chemistry and were awarded the “Jazz-album award of the year” by the Icelandic Music Awards. The album features seven songs that are both melodic and melancholic. The band’s second album adhd2, which is their second, explores more avenues within the already fascinating musical world of ADHD. It features nine songs written by members of the band. The album was recorded at Island Studios in Vestmannaeyjar in February 2011 for a period of five days and released in August 2011. ADHD was nominated by Iceland for adhd2 at the Nordic Music Prize 2011. adhd2 also received nominations in four categories: Jazzalbum of year, Performer and Jazz/Blues song of the Year for their song Merkilegt. Omar was then nominated as songwriter for adhd2. All of this was in addition to adhd2 winning the Kraumur award for one of the six best albums of 2012. The band also released adhd3 in 2012 and adhd4. These records received great reviews and were followed up by extensive touring in Iceland, Europe and other countries. The records were nominated for the Iceland Music Prize and the band was also nominated for Performer of Year at the same awards. Three albums later (adhd2, adhered3 and adhd4) received great reviews and were nominated for the Nordic Music Prize. After extensive touring in Europe, Iceland, and finishing their 5th album, ADHD will release it in collaboration with Contemplate music in Berlin. The album will be available in September/October in Iceland, and early 2015 globally. Ivar Ragnarson recorded adhd5 in Sundlaugin Studios. Ivar mixed the record, and it was mastered by mr. Haffitempo. The album contains 8 songs, which were all written from different places. A few of them were written during the band’s European tour in January. They also had the opportunity to spend a few days in Bad-Meinberg (Germany) at a good friend’s house. Some songs were written at home, in the studio, or in a home. ADHD performances are an organic event. Therefore, the band recorded this album live to reflect their live performances. ADHD: Oskar Gudjonsson is the saxophone Omar Gudjonsson plays guitars, bass David Thor Jonsson plays bass, synths, Magnus Trygvason Eliassen plays drums on

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