AERIE is a quintet led by Ingo Hipp, saxophonist. Ingo Hipp founded the band in 2013, and they have played more than 60 concerts across Europe. AERIE is a contemporary European Jazz quintet. Its members are from Ireland, Germany, and Switzerland. The band will go on tour and launch their second album, SONIC on QFTF Records Berlin (May 2018). Their first album, “hatch and host”, (Neuklang 2015), was awarded four stars by the Irish Times as well as Jazz n More in Germany and Switzerland. The instrumentation of the band is typical of a jazz quintet: saxophones and guitar, bass, drums and drums. However, the group tries to avoid the clich├ęs of modern jazz and instead seeks out new forms and structures. The *aerie is alive so expect the unexpected. There are crazy ights and elegant sails. They also hunt diligently and always check for limits. AERIE is a pioneer in modern jazz. They combine written material with improvisation to create exciting jazz. The structures are expanded and melted down to be reassembled in a new way. Live, AERIE continues their appeal to audiences by changing the form of their music. *nest of an eagle or large bird of prey from

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