Africando was a musical group that was established in 1992 to bring together New York-based salsa artists with Senegalese singers. Later, musicians from other African countries were included under the Africando All Stars. Salsa is a popular dance in Central and West Africa, since the 1940s-1950s. Africando aims to combine salsa rhythms from both the Atlantic and African traditions. Producer Ibrahim Sylla of Cote d’Ivoire, and Boncana Maiga (Malian arranger) started Africando. Ronnie Baro (of Orquesta Broadway), Pape Seck, Nicholas Menheim (associate at Youssou N’Dour), Medoune Diallo and Pape Seck were among the first musicians to be involved. These albums were huge successes in Africa and the World Music scene. In 1995, singer Pape Seck passed away. He was replaced by Gnonnas from Benin (who also died August 2005) as well as Ronnie Baro of Orquestra Broadway. Many well-known African musicians were invited to perform on the album Mandali 2000. They included Tabu Ley Rochereau and Koffi Olomide as well as Salif Keita and Sekouba Baambino, Amadou Baslake, Thione Seck, Salif Keita, Salif Keita, Salif Keita, Salif Keita, Salif Keita, Salif Keito, Amadou Bambino, Amadou balake, Amadou Balake, Amadou Balake, Amadou Balake, Amadou Balake, Amadou, Amadou, Amadou, Koffi, Koffi, Koffi, Koffi, Salif Keita, Salif Keita, Salif Keita, Salif Keita, Salif Keit, Salif Keita, Salif Keita, Salif Keita, Salif Keita and Amadou, Amadou, Amadou, Amadou, Salif Keita The new name Africando All Stars was born from this new constallation. The songs were originally Latin American songs sung in Spanish or a combination of Spanish and wolof. However, later songs were African pop music, rearranged with Latin rhythms and instrumentation. Both approaches have been equally successful for Africando. The group name was changed to Africando for Martina (2003). This tribute to mothers, siblings, wives, and girlfriends features Nyboma, King Kester Emeneya, and Ismael from Senegal. Nyboma performs Papa Wemba’s “La Reference”. Gnonnas Pedro’s final recording is the title song of Ketukuba (2006). He died before the CD was available. Alfredo Rodriguez, who arranged three tracks on the album, suffered the same fate. Ketukuba focuses on the connections between Cuba and Africa. It includes a Latinized version Franco’s “Mario”, which Madilu System sings, and Joe King[disambiguation required] singing “Nina Nina”, which was previously made popular by the Fania All Stars. The group covered Aicha in 1998, which was primarily recorded by Khaled. From Wikipedia

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