Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra

A.L.V.O. A.L.V.O. was founded in 2007. It currently has 8 members: MastaConga (perc), Benjamin Peyrot de Gachons, (keys), Elvis Martinez Smith (gtr), Philipe Vernier, Jb Feyt, (tpt), Victor dos santos( sax ), Max Hartock (drum ), and David Battestini Quadri (2-string bass). Masta Conga describes it “a space for creation of different revolving musicians according projects”. There are moments that recall 60s, 70s, and 80s latin jazz scenes and jazz fusion scenes. Other times they evoke the 80s and 90s. But each has its own sound. Ghetto funk and elements of Cuban big-band swing are combined with charanga orchestras. A spacey urban dub leads to an afroantillean requiem, and there are suggestions for orishas. The new jazz band tends to fall back on the groove of the moment. This is often due to the use of pre-prepared ideas. With a range of contributions between 12 and 20, it is difficult for the listener to determine which element was orchestrated, composed, or improvised. It also becomes unclear if one person brought an idea, or if the entire album was based on tunes, rhythms, or grooves. The fact remains that all the elements of the band’s energy and their meeting points start to blend together in an almost organic manner, so the listener loses control over time and the time signatures. Let’s assume that the music is continuous. Each track has the right mood for grooves and improvisation. It is not clear how much each track is followed or improvised on. And even though the themes last a few minutes, so much happens in a very short time. This time, vintage is a good choice. We have the same energy as Miles Davis’ big bands, but we also have Herbie Hancock’s funky moods around that time. However, it is not limited to expanding and transcending its limits. from

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