Aga Kiepuszewska

Kiepuszewska Agnes was a Slupsk native. Unexpectedly, her first musical explorations were not traditional (School of Music I u0026 II). While studying at the Poznan Academy of Music’s Faculty of Choral Conducting, her love for singing polyphonic was developed. The Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia, a Rome-based conservatory, explored the secrets and origins of composition and early music while a student. The summer jazz workshop in Siena, Italy was a magnet for jazz lovers. He is currently completing his studies at Katowice’s Academy of Music, where he is under the careful eye and ears of Anna GADT (Gracek Bonczyk), and Grzegorz Karanas (Academy of Music). She has won numerous local and national festivals. Her jury included Jacek Bonczyk and Vladimir Korcz.

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