Agnieszka Hekiert

Since 2009, Agnieszka Shekiert has been a jazz singer and works with Bobby McFerrin, an extraordinary jazz musician. Krzysztof Shedzin, a Polish jazz legend, is one of her other stage partners. Because she polishes the voices of young performers in TV shows such as X-Factor (2011), Poland’s Got Talent (2010), My Camp Rock II (2008) and Star Academy (2008) Polsat (2008 Polsat), she is the most sought-after vocal coach in Poland. Agnieszka can combine both her passions, performing as a bandleader at jazz concerts and as a vocal coach for young talent. She continues to be able to work alongside the best, including Roger Treece, WeBe3, and Bobby McFerrin (Vocabularies Project). Agnieszka holds a degree in jazz and pop from Kattowitz’s music academy. Her professional career started in Poland where she won numerous prizes at diverse festivals. Her first job was in Poland, where she worked alongside well-known Polish musicians like Krzysztof Cieraski, Wiesaw Pieregorolka and Natalia Kukulska. Her activities expanded over the years. Agnieszka began to perform in Germany and Austria. This led to a continued collaboration with the saxophonist Leszek Zdlo, Konstantin Kostov (Bulgarian pianist) and Nevian Lenkov (percussionist). This collaboration resulted in the 2009 album “European Impressions”, which is a remarkable mixture of Balkan energy and Slavonian melancholy. With ease and improvisation, Agnieszka’s expressive voice and the virtuosity Leszek Zadlo combine with their musical prowess. Agnieszka is also a composer and lyricist, arranges, and directs a Circle singing chorus (like Bobby McFerrin). She also holds vocal workshops throughout Europe. Visit

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