Aievea is brimming with innovation charm and re-invents acid-jazz. Enter the world of VLAICU GOLCEA, an innovative multi-instrument player, and ELECTRIC BROTHER. TAVI SCURTU, a must-see-to believe drummer, juggles with his steady rhythms, sometimes playing on the gentle tip of jazz but sometimes heavier and more raw like drum’n’bass. There seems to be nothing missing. MARTA HRISTEA is a singer with powerful vocals that can be sung in a variety of tones and lyrics. There is more. Imagine a story within the story, the eye complimenting the ear, and the visual feast of CASA GONTZ, which will stay with you for many nights. They have been featured at numerous clubs, TV and radio programs, as well as theaters and shows since 2002. It’s no surprise that they are always a delight to watch live. Aievea has performed at numerous venues since the release of their debut album, SCARED OFF JAZZ.

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