Aimee Nolte

Aimee Nolte, a jazz singer/pianist who lives in Los Angeles, performs frequently both solo and with her trio. Although she is a jazz pianist, she can also play over 1000 songs. Brigham Young University has given her a degree in jazz piano and she has been performing since 1998, even as a mother of four! Two full-length albums have been released so far, which have been described as captivating and deeply personal. Aimee Nolte Music, her YouTube channel, was launched in 2016. She shares the music she makes with the world. Aimee is an expert in teaching topics such as harmony, arranging, advanced piano techniques, vocal skills, and even starting piano and singing. This single marks Aimee’s first step on a new album, which will be completed by the end of 2018. She hopes to create a warmer, more organic vibe with it. It draws from her jazz heritage but is open to all music styles. The song “The Loveliest girl” captures the new feeling she is trying to create with orchestral-type scoring for woodwind instruments. The textual painting and beautiful melodies make it easy to close your eyes as you follow the story. Pay attention. You won’t miss anything at

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