Akasha is a UK-based electronic music group, consisting of Charlie Casey u0026 Damian Hand. Although originally signed to Wall of Sound, they now release through Ra Recordings. Their first single, “Bizzniss”, was released on Payday Recordings in 1994. Pressure Drop licensed the track and recommended them to Wall Of Sound. The Jazadelica EP was released as a result. The Jazadelica E.P. was released in 1995. In 1996, Spanish Fly and Brown Sugar were released. They made appearances on several compilations, then performed on The Jazz Stage at Glastonbury festival and released their first album Cinematique in 1998. This album featured guest appearances by Neneh Cherry, Maxi Jazz, and many others. Akasha went on the road to tour France, Germany, and Belgium. All tracks from Cinematique were remixed in 1999 and released on a remix album. Hand and Casey have collaborated with artists such as Neneh Cherry and Groove Armada. Akasha’s second album, “Love Philtre Magick”, was released in 2003. Their third album, “Hail to the sun”, was released in 2015. St Etienne’s Sarah Cracknell, Heidi Vogel, and Anita Lipnicka (Polish singer) are among the vocal guests on “Hail to the sun”. From Wikipedia

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