Aki Rissanen

Finnish Jazz pianist Aki Rissanen is quickly rising to the top. Rissanen is a prolific artist who has already released three albums in a relatively short time. The different releases are equally impressive. La Lumiere Noire is an experimental work by Rissanen featuring solo piano. Semplice, for the Alba label, features Robin Verheyen as a duo. The latest album, Beautiful Anxiety, for KSJAZZ is a quartet/trio album with an international cast including Rick Margitza, Magnus Broo, and Magnus Broo. The record’s Rissanen compositions are beautiful examples of vibrant contemporary maintream music. This album is by Rissanen and his young band is remarkable, especially considering it is his first album as a bandleader. Rissanen’s musical vision relies on his understanding of compositional dynamics as well as the interplay between the musicians. Beautiful Anxiety, which was not too eager to get ahead, was praised by jazz enthusiasts and critics alike as one of the best Finnish releases of 2009.

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