AKKU began as a norwegian trio that existed since 1996. The members Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer, Elfi, and Lars Andreas Haug were vocalists and Lars Andreas Haug was a tuba player. The trio was made a quintet in 2010 when Knut Aalefjaer, a norwegian percussionist, and Grzech Piotrowski (a Polish saxophonist), joined the group. They created the musical language for AKKU. The base of their music is the sounds of the northern polar part of the world, like the Inuit female throatsingingtradition, Norwegian folk songs and different Siberian traditions with overtonesinging among others. AKKU5 is a collection of many musical expressive colours because the musicians have a wide range of musical backgrounds. AKKU has performed at many festivals, including jazz, folk, contemporary, blues, and rock concerts in Norway, Sweden and the Faroe Islands. They also had a concert series for animals at the Kristiandsand Zoo in Norway. This experience enriched their understanding of musical communication and sound colors. from http://www.wilhelmine.no

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