Al Foster

Al Foster was born in Richmond VA and raised in New York. At the age 13 he learned to drum and at 16 he was working with Blue Mitchell as “Aloysius” on The Thing to Do. Foster’s big break came in 1969 at the Cellar Club, 95th St., Manhattan. He was playing bass with Earl May and his drumming was noticed a Miles Davis, a trumpeter. Foster was hired by Davis as Jack DeJohnette’s replacement. Foster was a committed musician who performed on all Miles Davis albums, from Big Fun to You’re Under Armrest. He also toured extensively with him. Foster quit Miles Davis in 1985 and has been working independently, sometimes as a leader, sometimes as a sideman. Al Foster’s long and successful career has included work with Sonny Rollins and Charlie Haden, TheloniousMonk, Freddie Hubbard and Dave Liebman. He also worked with Joe Henderson and Herbie Hancock. Allmusic

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