Al Green

Al Green was the prototypical soul singer. He was a hit in 1970s and a vocalist/preacher who has continued to amaze for many decades. Al Green was the greatest soul singer in the 1970s, and perhaps the most famous Southern soul singer. Green’s seductive singles for Hi Records, in the early 1970s, bridged the gap between smooth Philadelphia soul and deep soul. His performances were infused with elements of gospel and he interjected his vocals with wild moans. However, his records were elegant and stylish. They featured tight beats, sexy backing vocals and lush strings. Al Green was a pioneer in soul music and influenced many of his contemporaries as well as veterans such Marvin Gaye with the distinctive Hi Records sound. Green was at his peak when he decided to enter the ministry in mid-70s. He recorded secular music at first but by the 1980s, he was solely focusing on gospel. He occasionally returned to R in the late ’80s or ’90s.

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