Alamaailman Vasarat

Finland’s experimental instrumental guerrillas Alamaailman Vasarat (“The Hammers of the Underworld”) have cheerfully avoided any categorisation of the music for the past ten years. There are many influences, including klezmer and jazz, psychobilly as well as circus music, jazz, cabaret, cabaret, clown music, progressive avantgarde, heavy metal, melancholia, and even klezmer. These roads lead back to Vasaraasia, their mythical homeland. Complex arrangements are mastered with astonishing precision using a variety of instruments, including multiple brass and drums, multi-effected cellos and pump organs. It’s easy to recall Benny Goodman, Black Sabbath and Tom and Jerry cartoons, as well as Frank Zappa who famously asked, “Does humour belong in music?” It does. Visit

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