Alan Tew

Alan Tew, a British composer/arranger, is his name. In the 1950s, he was the pianist/arranger of the Len Turner Band in London. He is well-known as a composer of library music. This includes the theme songs for British TV programs, Doctor in the House, Bond Street Parade, and Mother Makes Three. Van der Valk featured a track called “The Big One” in an episode. He also composed all of the music for The Hanged Man. Some of it was used as background music for The Two Ronnies and The Sweney. It would later become the intro music to The People’s Court, an American TV series. His own orchestra, The Alan Tew Orchestre, was also his. With a full orchestra available, Alan Tew has a talent for using instrumentation in a judicious manner. The Hanged Man soundtrack is an amazing example of intelligent exploitation. Although his music is loud, brash, and very 70s-influenced, Tew uses everything from the congas, to the Moog for maximum dramatic effect. From Wikipedia

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