Albert “abbie” Brunies

Albert “Abbie” Brunies was an American jazz composer. He lived from January 19, 1900 to October 2, 1978. Brunies was a member of a prominent New Orleans musical family that included Merritt Brunies and George Brunies. Brunies was the leader and founder of the Halfway House Orchestra, which played at the Halfway House in New Orleans from 1919 to around 1927. In 1925, this ensemble recorded for Okeh Records. This group included New Orleans Rhythm Kings musicians Charlie Cordella and Mickey Marcour, Bill Eastwood, Joe Loyacano, Joe Loyacano, Joe Loyacano, Joe Loyacano, Joe Loyacano, and Leo Adde. He was a New Orleans musician until the mid-1940s. After that, he moved to Biloxi in Mississippi. Merritt was his partner in the Brunie Brothers Dixieland Jazz Band. The recordings of this group were sparse. From Wikipedia

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