Albert Nicholas

Albert Nicholas, born May 27, 1900 in New Orleans, Louisiana, and died September 3, 1973 in Basel, Switzerland, was an American jazz player. Nicholas studied clarinet with Lorenzo Tio in New Orleans, his home town. He played with Buddy Petit and King Oliver in the late 1910s. After three years in Merchant Marines, he joined Oliver in Chicago in 1925-1927. He returned to New York City after his time in East Asia, Egypt in 1928. There he played with Luis Russell, Charlie Holmes and J.C. Higginbotham. Later, he was recorded with Russell and Jelly Roll Morton (recorded 1929-1939). His career was revived by the Dixieland jazz revival in the late 1940s. He played with Bunk Johnson, Kid Ory and Art Hodes and also had regular gigs with Ralph Sutton in 1948. He moved to France in 1953. Except for recording sessions in the U.S. between 1959 and 1960, he remained in France for the remainder of his life. Text contributed by users is available under Creative Commons By–SA License. It may also be available under GNU FDL.

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