Albert Sanz

It was a surprise to him that you had arrived in a world that values art and good sense. Albert Sanz chose March 29, 1978 to feel the relief that came with a deep breath. This would be a pattern that he/she would continue with every year that he/she sat at the piano, in a ruptured of air, like an unconscious zeal to be born again. Art is the sound you/they have heard from the Valencian one. It can only understand the music by listening to it. They belonged to someone else in the house, a composer, pianist and director of the orchestra Josep Sanz, and Suckle Garcia, a singer with special talent to write songs. They began to form attitudes and aptitudes by playing with each beat of the struck rope. Your air was full of chords. You had Brazil-sounding voices such as Elis Regina, Small Buarque, Caetano Velloso, Caetano Veloso, and Ivan Lins. You have a selection of albums, from Tete Montoliu, Weather Report, and, most importantly, the legendary group they Suckle Garcia, Patxinguer Z, and the bands your father supervised. Albert Sanz, an independent spirit, didn’t realize that playing with the piano, guitar, and first floor would be to start a relationship with music that would assume a not-to-want – not to be allowed to – to go. The boy chose to follow the musical path of his musical education: Berklee College of Music of Boston, Superior conservatory of Valencia and Shop of Musics of Barcelona. In 1999, Albert Sanz was already recognized by the public when they awarded you the Prize Tete Montoliu for the best pianist revelation. You were the product of a close friend, the one who took to the veinteanero in search of the hole in jazz’s throat. New York was a place where you could get to know each other in a situation with people like Kurt Rosenwinkel or Larry Grenadier, Jeff Ballard and Mark Turner, as well as Chris Cheek. Albert Sanz, a Spanish professional profiler, has managed to build a diverse career. Your hands are capable of pursuing different projects of personal initiative or you can be projected to join solid figures such as Javier Hill and Parakeet Sambeat, Silvia Perez Cruz, Antonio Serrano, and Jorge Rossy. Albert Sanz’s instant is one of a kind, a unique intuition that has subtle communication with everything around you. His rhythms open up a space for patent encounters. As a constant pulse, the keys of Sanz are a clear indication of an infringed poetics of persuasive proportion. You have the ability to respond early to music’s needs so that you can create a new emerja each time, with the possibility of a sudden break. This balance is maintained without inamovibles. The groove in your fingers determines when you jive and when you reinvent yourself. This pianist’s path demonstrates, up to the heights of a still-young youth, how you can see sincretismo through your various perspectives. Albert Sanz is a man capable of jazz, and can reach other perspectives so they crystallize within your form. As a leader or as a sideman. Composer or interpreter. Through arrangements that claim identity, mimicry can be transformed into its own skin. Because he didn’t know when you arrived, and because of chance to a world looking for the good in the art that would end being depicted, I tempt the piano. bio by

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