Alberto Miranda

Alberto Miranda was the son of a musical family. He was born in Havana. Miranda began playing the guitar at Adolfo Guzman Conservatory at age 10. He then switched to electric bass at age 15 and to musical composition at Superior Institute of Arts in Havana. He worked regularly with local musicians, gaining great experience despite being young. Miranda was first introduced to jazz in 2005 by the Gala Mayor’s Trio. He began to compose his first jazz compositions here, and he won second place at the JOJAZZ (young Jazzman Festival) despite being just 21 years old. Alberto Miranda was constantly improving his skills and was invited to perform in the Fine Arts Museum in Havana. This museum is very rare in Cuba, which allowed him to showcase his talents. Alberto Miranda was well into his second concert at the Fine Arts Museum in Havana a year later. Here he used his creativity and techniques to create his music. He had developed a unique style that swayed the crowd by playing both melody and union accompaniment in one instrument. This was in 2007, when he was well into his second consecutive concert at the Fine Arts Museum in Havana. His music is a mixture of soft melodies and complex technicalities. Alberto’s use of harmony in bass compositions and small formats, as well as the incorporation of descriptive music into his jazz style, have been highlighted. Miranda has performed on stage with many musicians, including Jazz, Funk, Timba and Salsa. He has a wide range of musical styles to keep him busy in his music career. He has recorded an album with the “NG La Banda” elite group of Cuban musicians. He also produces theater music for soundtracks and performs live music in plays. Miranda is a talented musician and has taught music education workshops in Italy, Mexico and Denmark about Cuban music. Alberto was 18 years old when he won the Juan Pablo Duarte Vocational School award for the best young teacher, which helped to boost his reputation in the music world. Miranda’s name was known worldwide two years later. He opened his own academy to develop the concept of the Cuban soloist bass. Alberto moved to the United States in order to pursue his career and passion for Music. He currently directs “Alberto Miranda‚Äôs Latin Jazz Project”, which exposes Cuban musical poetry and the eclectic trends of the recent years. From

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