Aldevis Tibaldi

He is a saxophone player who has been based in London since 2004. He recorded and played with Jay Craig, Ian Pierce. Frank Griffith, Frank Griffith, Guillemots. Paloma Faith, Willie Garnett. Ray Gelato. Stan Reynolds. Stan Reynolds. Ronnie Wood. Ronnie King. Tatiana Okupnik. Krystyna PRONKO. Julian Stewart-Lindsay. Roberto Pla . John Eacott’s Floodtide is a regular collaborator. Since 2009, he has been a resident saxophone instructor at Hampton Court House in Surrey. Goldsmith College and Westminster University. In the second half of the 20th century, he was born in Trieste, Italy. Classical studies at the Music Academy G. Tartini”. After some theatre experience and classical music, he discovered a strong interest jazz in 1985. After performing as a stage musician with the “Veneto Teatro” in 1988, he moved to Florence in 1990 to be able to work in a wide variety of music. This included jazz, ethnic, rock, and fusion. He had started his career at the Music Academy as a saxophone teacher. He played with many musicians during those years, including the Michael Allen Band, Grand Wazoo Orchestra, Leonardo Pieri’s “Lo squalo Giallo” (The Yellow Shark) and Stefano Bollani. Baritone saxophonist with the OFP Orchestra S.Lazzaro (Bologna), directed by Steve Swallow, Steve Coleman, and Bruno Tommaso. He was also involved in gigs with TV artists from Italy, as well as jingles for advertisements and the resident band at Forte Village Resort in Sardinia. He has also produced, played and arranged several records. The first solo album was released in 1998. It received highly favourable reviews from international critics. 1995: He received a MA in Political Studies from the University of Florence. Really. In the past years, he has participated in many studio sessions as a flute, clarinet, and trombone player. He is also a producer and plays in many live projects. From

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