Alessandro Scala

Alessandro Scala, a saxophonist has performed with many musicians, including Joe Garrison and Mario Biondi, Brown Thomas, Jimmy Owens and Marco Tamburini. Flavio Boltro, Fabrizio Puglisi, James Thompson, Mario Biondi, Kay Foster Jackson, S, Fabrizio Bosso, Lele Barbieri, Massimo Manzi, Tulio De Piscopo, Ares Tavolazzi Alan Farrington etc. … He was a participant in many jazz and blues festivals such as “Pistoia Blues”, and “Trasimeno Blues”, both in Italy (Moscow and St. Petersburg), Croatia, Spain and Austria. Apart from being his own creations, the be bop jazz grooves trio was inspired by the great American musicians from Blue Note, mid-’60s. The rhythm is great, and the sounds of saxophone and hammond organ remind us of New York-style Soul Jazz. A blast of energy! from

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