Alex Bershadsky

Alex Bershadsky is a standout among accomplished musicians. He is more than the “bass-ics.” Alex Bershadsky was raised in Israel and was born in Latvia. He is a seasoned musician, composer, educator and writer. He was an understudy for some of Israel’s most talented musicians for many years. His growth as a performer, and composer was greatly influenced by this exposure. Bershadsky blends his musical knowledge with an innovative style. This diverse mix of muse includes jazz, electronic, and classical. Alex released Anonymous in 2011. This CD, which contains eight tracks, was Alex’s second album. It followed his Junk debut in 2007. Alex felt that Anonymous allowed him to achieve the creative styles and artistic goals he wanted for his music. Bershadsky joined forces with top-notch producers and studios to start this new project. His musical roots have been his passion all his life. His craft is now a rich source of income. His latest album is anything but anonymous. Anonymous was produced by Ian Freitor, who also produced his debut CD Junk. The sessions were recorded in New York at Ian Freitor’s The Playground Studios and Englewood, New Jersey at the prestigious Bennet Studios. Anonymous also features Eugene Maslov on piano and Ian Freitor on keyboards. Shlomi Cohen plays saxophone. Gal Gershovsky plays drums on two tracks, while Eran Asias is the drummer and percussionist. Justin Mullens, a trumpeter and the golden sounding brass of brass, joins the album. Bershadsky says, “I chose Anonymous for an album title because it is associated to things that people don’t get credit for.” Anonymous does the opposite, and Anonymous and the other pros behind it are enjoying the mystery. Below are just a few of the outstanding reviews that were received from respected and well-respected musical journals. from

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