Alex Coke

Alex Coke was born in Dallas, Texas. He received his B.A. The University Of Colorado at Boulder awarded Alex Coke his B.A. in 1976. It placed emphasis on flute playing. Coke is an original member of Austin’s Creative Opportunity Orchestra. He has been performing with Tina Marsh in various forms for more than 25 years. He was a member of the Austin-based Creative Opportunity Orchestra and received numerous awards before moving to Amsterdam in early ’90s. Coke is an improvisor by nature. His eclectic approach has allowed him to explore all things Be-Bop and Huddie Ledbetter. Coke’s flute studies include Eric Dolphy, Indian ragas for the bamboo flute and extended flute techniques like those studied by Robert Dick (Ann LaBerge) and Wil Offermans. Coke has many bands, including the Live Action Brass Band and the Leadbelly Legacy Band. New Texas Swing is his post-bop band, The Worthy Constituents. This quintet was formed with Rich Harney, pianist, and Martin Banks, trumpet. Coke and Harney recently released “Soul Prayers”, a collection of spirituals. He has performed with Gerald Wilson, Charles Tolliver and the Paradise Regained Orchestra. You can also hear him with the John Jordan Trio and the Mysterious Quartet From Helsinki, Rob Verdurmen’s Double Drummer Bill, and the Greezy Wheels CD HipPOP. Coke’s most recent release, entitled “Wake Up DeadMan/Iraqnophobia,” features two large group compositions commisioned by Tina Marsh and The Creative Opportunity Orchestra. It was recorded in fall 2004 and is available on VoxLox, which promotes ecological and humanitarian causes. Coke has also composed original music for many groups, including The Worthy Constituents Creative Opportunity Orchestra J.A.M.A.D. New Texas Swing Carl Smith Tentet Ramone Herman and Labor of Love from

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