Alex Snydman

Alex Snydman made an unexpected but decisive switch to drums in his Senior year at Hampshire College. Alex has been searching for a true who’s who of modern jazz to learn with since 2003. This includes Eric Harland and Gregory Hutchinson as well as John Riley, Bob Gullotti and Joe La Barbera. Eric Harland, a mentor and close friend, comments. Alex embodies the Spirit that we call Love. Alex is a shining example of the spirit we call Love. He has shown that it’s never too late for you to follow your dreams. His dedication and character have impressed me greatly and he’s climbing up the ladder quickly.” Alex has played at major jazz clubs on both the East and West Coasts. Alex’s latest project, “Fortunate Action”, is his debut album as a bandleader. It features three of his closest piano colleagues. Alex says, “I wanted to capture a synthesis of my Massachusetts experience that truly honored the different groups I was a part.” Alex also explains that “Fortunate Action” is a term that symbolizes the positive exponential ripples we hear when we listen to our Inner Voice. Sometimes, this Intuition that we all have is telling us to make difficult decisions, but it seems that it is always leading us towards Love.” Eric Harland comments on “Fortunate Action” by saying that the album has “a warmth, thoughtfulness and group vibe that’s refreshing…a very emotional gratifying album and thoughtfully and impressive debut.” from

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