Alex Vostrikov

Alexey Vostrikov, born 1988, is a New-York composer/drummer originally from Russia. Alexey began playing drums when he was 16 years old. He set a goal to make his music better. He formed “Jam It” with other young, forward-thinking musicians. The band created original progressive fusion music that was instrumental and innovative, exploring complex compositions, odd meters, new mixtures of styles, and explored complex compositions. The band performed live and recorded two albums. They are currently finishing the third album, which will be released in May 2015. They are highly regarded in Russia’s progressive rock scene. Alexey moved to New-York in 2013 to study at The Drummers Collective. Alexey worked with many NY musicians during his studies. This gave Alexey the opportunity to expand his knowledge of jazz, AfroCuban, Brazilian, and other important musical styles. It also gave him a better understanding of how to compose original music. Alexey graduated from the Collective in 2015. He recorded his first solo album, “Ambush ah the Movies”, which featured a jazzier approach. Alexey is currently back in Saint-Petersburg working on several new projects and teaching. Musical Education – Six-Semester Diploma from the Collective School of Music, NY (2013-2015). I studied with: Peter Retzlaff and Jason Gianni, Marko Drjordjevic, Vince Cherico. Ian Froman, Adriano Santes, Tobias Ralph, Maciek Schjbal, Fred Klatz. Fred Klatz. Fred Klatz. Fred Klatz. Fred Klatz. Fred Klatz. Fred Klatz, Fred Klatz. Isamu McGregor. Evan Marien. Bob Quaranta. Panagiotis.

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