Alexandre Cavaliere

Alexandre Cavaliere was conceived in 1985 in Mons, Belgium. His family was musical and he was surrounded with musical instruments. Alexandre develops his rhythmic sense at an early age by playing the snare drum with his father’s orchestra. Alexandre has already learned to play the drums and the piano at age 8. But it is the violin that Alexandre can express his rhythmic senses and musical sensitivity. Alexandre is a rock star thanks to Stephane Grappelli and Django Reinhardt’s melodies. Alexandre is fortunate to be guided by fate in March 1998 when Didier Lockwood, Babik Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli are visiting him. Didier Lockwood and Babik Reinhardt can see the potential in the violinist’s hands by only a few notes. They are pleasantly surprised when they push the club door open to find a 12-year old child holding the violin. They are stunned at Alexandre’s young virtuosity and decide to invite him to Django, Or, Brussels, Paris, and Paris. It is the beginning a beautiful adventure that would lead to “L’ALBUM” (Hebra records). The young violin virtuoso realizes his potential quickly. Alexandre continues his studies while also moving from television to radio stations and concerts. His performances shine at festivals such as Antibes- Juan-les-Pins and Samois-sur-Seine. He has also won over the public by performing at the Princess Grace of Monaco theatre, Michel Jonasz concert at Olympia, and at the Festival Espoo Jazz (Finland ) and, finally, Dorado Schmitt’s performance of “premiere New York” for the Django Reinhardt festival in BIRDLAND. Alexandre has also had the opportunity to meet many musicians such as Bireli, Dominique Dipiazza and Stochelo Rosenberg. Recent collaborations and meetings include his playing with jazz teachers at the Brussels Conservatory, as well as appearances on one track of Guy Cabay’s latest album, collaborations with Philip Catherine, fusion band like Alka Celtes Air and Darwin Case and Musicazur and Michel Herr and his tentet. …. Alexandre Cavaliere. Jazzy Strings is his main band. It is a band that is passionate about gipsy music and Stephane Grapelli and Django Reinhardt. Since 1992, this group was founded by Mario Cavaliere. They have performed at the most important festivals in Europe (Juan-the-Pines. Nice. Marciac. The Samois-on-Seine. Helsinki ). The band: Mathieu Chtelain on rhythmic guitarist, Eloi Baudimont on double bass, and of course Mario Cavaliere, who was the sole guitarist. This gave Alexandre and his son Alexandre entry into the world of jazz. Jazzy strings has also performed with many distinguished guests such as Samson, Dorado Schmitt and Angelo Debarre…and Rene Sopa. from

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