Alfredo “chocolate” Armenteros

Alfredo Armenteros was first introduced to music by Rene Alvarez, a sonero/composer. He soon joined Arsenio Rodrigo. He was mistakenly identified and given the nickname Chocolate. This happened because he was mistakenly taken for Kid Chocolate, a champion boxer. He has shared the stage with many of the most prominent names in Afro-Cuban music (Cuban and not), including Jose Fajardo and Cesar Concepcion, Charlie Palmieri and Machito, among others. Alfredo “Chocolate”, the trumpeter of the master, has played on stage with hundreds of great musicians, if not thousands. His musical repertoire is extensive and includes a comprehensive catalog of Afro-Antillean songs. Arsenio Rod, his cousin Beny more, Tito Puente and Wynton Marsalis were among his many musical collaborators. Chocolate was also a member the legendary Cuban/Afro-Cuban dance group Conjunto Sonora Matancera, which he joined in 1977. Because he is a master improviser in Latin music, he has been a sought-after musician. Chocolate has shared his incredible musical talent with everyone who listens, even though Father Time has reduced his horn’s power. He has been playing the piano since the 1930s, and is still actively involved in music. Chocolate is one of the most important musical bridges. He was part of Arsenio Rod’s Cuban seminal conjunto and has played with many musicians throughout the years. Choco is a respected figure in Jazz. His love of music and his talent for the trumpet have made him a legend in the Jazz business. Choco is a man of solid roots, who keeps close to his family. Chocolate is almost always found in El Barrio New York City sharing a cigar and a beer with locals when he’s not travelling the globe. Wikipedia

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