Allen Vizzutti

Vizzutti was raised in Missoula Montana. Allen Vizzutti is equally at home in a variety of musical idioms. He has performed with musicians and ensembles such as Chick Corea and Doc Severinsen. He has performed as both a jazz and classical musician, many times in the same night, with orchestras in Tokyo and other countries such as St. Louis, Germany, Slovenia and St. Louis. His music has been heard by music lovers across the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Sweden, England, Brazil, Canada and Japan. Allen’s status has allowed him to perform solo at the Hollywood Bowl and Carnegie Hall. Allen lives in Seattle, Washington and is involved in a variety of career activities, including recitals, concerts as well as recording and composition. Allen’s commitment to music education, and the importance of music in daily life, has resulted in guest appearances at universities across North America, Europe and Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. Allen’s solo jazz recordings include “Trumpet Summit” (Summit Records) and “Skyrocket”, both CDs by Allen. DeHaske Music Publishing Recordings offers classic CDs, including “The Emerald Concerto” and other gems. They also have “Vizzutti plays Vizzutti”, “Vizzutti And Soli On Tour”, and “Vizzutti And Soli”. His “High Class Brass”, also DeHaske Recordings, is a jazz and classical blend that he co-produced, cowritten, and performed with Jeff Tyzik, a fellow trumpet player, composer, and conductor. It includes a 90-piece orchestra and a 90-piece recording orchestra. Other interesting titles include “Baroque and Beyond” from Sony, “The Carnival of Venice” (Summit Records) and “A Trumpeter’s Dream”, (Ludwig Music Publishing). Allen was Artist in Residence at the Eastman School of Music and the Banff Center for the Performing Arts. He also taught at the Kansas State University. Ohio State University. West Texas State University. The Skidmore Jazz Institute. His comprehensive treatise “The Allen Vizzutti Trumpet Method”, and his “New Concepts for Trumpet” (Alfred Music Publishing) have been standards for trumpet study around the world. DeHaske/Hal Leonard and Southern Music publish many more Allen’s jazz, classical, and student books. Solo pieces for flute, clarinet and trombone, as well as solo pieces for harp, clarinet and saxophone, trombone and tuba, chamber groups and wind ensembles, jazz ensembles, and the symphony orchestra. Allen’s passion for composition and expression has resulted in premier performances by the Los Angeles Philharmonic (Bungalow Radio Orchestra), the Royal Philharmonic of London (Royal Philharmonic), the Nuremberg Symphony of London, the Rochester Philharmonic, the Royal Philharmonic of London (Royal Philharmonic), the Syracuse Symphony, London Symphony Orchestra, Summit Brass, and many others. Allen’s father was a self-taught musician and trumpet player. He taught him while he was growing up in Montana. After completing his full scholarship at the Eastman School of Music, Allen left home to pursue music education. He earned the Bachelor of Music, Master of Music, and a Performer’s Certificate. He also held a chair with the Eastman Brass Quintet faculty group and was the first artist’s diploma ever given to a Eastman wind player. Allen was a Los Angeles resident in the 1980s. He performed on more than 100 motion picture sound tracks (such as Star Trek and Back to the Future), and recorded with artists such as Chick Corea and Neil Diamond. You can hear his sound on many projects, including “Furry Vengeance”, 40 Days and 40 Nights”, and “Unfaithfully Yours”, as well as “Gridiron Gang”, and “Scary Movie Four”, and the “Medal of Honor”, “Gears of War 3”, and “Halo” videogames. bio from Wikipedia

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