Anders Aarum

Anders Aarum, a Norwegian jazz pianist, was born 17 December 1974 in Moss. He is well-known for his many albums and international collaborations with Sonny Simmons and Ola Kvernberg. Before moving to Oslo in 1998, Aarum attended Sibelius Academy in Helsinki and Agder Musikkonservatorium in Helsinki. He was an inspiration to the Oslo jazz community and was a frequent collaborator in several bands. While he was studying at Norges Musikkhogskole, he graduated with the thesis “Stiltrekk som skilleder den nordiske jazzen fraden afro-amerikanske».” With Mats Eilertsen (bass), and Torstein Ellingsen as drummers, he led his own Anders Aarum trio to the release of Lucky strike (2000). It was followed up by Absence in mind (2004) where Ellingsen was succeeded by Thomas Stronen. First communion (2006) was the third album by the Trio. It featured Ole Morten Vagan (bass), and Andreas Bye (“drums”). F.A.Q. also features Aarum. F.A.Q. also includes Aarum and the brothers Havard (flute and saxophone) and Jens Fossum(bass). Jarle Vespestad, the renowned drummer, is the last member of the crew. F.A.Q. F.A.Q. was nominated in 2007 for the Spellemannprisen class Jazz for their debut album, Frequently Asked Questions (2007). He is also a regular pianist in Funky Butt. He has also collaborated with Per Hoglend and Solvi Hansen, Randi Tytingvag. Solvi Hansen. Majken Christiansen. Tine Asmundsen. Sigurd Kohn. Sonny Simmons. Borre Dalhaug. Hilde Louise Asbjornsen. Jazzmob. Nora Brockstedt. Even Kruse Skatrud. Aarum received the No Fear Prize»u003e from Oslo Jazzradio» and is associated to Norges Musikkhogskole in the role of Lecturer in Accompanyment. From Wikipedia

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