Andreas Varady

Quincy Jones, a legendary music legend, said Andreas Varady is “one the most talented people in the world, who takes music back to where its belongs.” Within the past few years, a just-turned-16-year-old guitar sensation, Andreas Varady, has risen to the foreground of the jazz guitar arena. Andreas has performed at a number of events, including Bray Jazz Festival and Festival Django Reinhardt. Andreas began his journey to mastering the jazz guitar at an early age. Andreas, a Hungarian Gypsy, was born in Slovakia to a family of musicians. He learned how to play the guitar from his father Bandi, at age four. Andreas learned to play the guitar by ear. His first song was the “Blue Bossa”, a jazz standard. He has pursued jazz music ever since. Andreas is a huge fan of George Benson, his guitar hero. He has been compared to him from his earliest years. Andreas started to share his talents after his family moved to Ireland in 2007 Andreas, just nine years old, would entertain passersby in Limerick and Cork Ireland. He also busked on the streets. People were drawn to young Varady for his talent at such a young from

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