Andrew Drury

ANDREW DRURY, a drummer/composer, explores the continuum between tradition and exploration. Drury, a long-time student of Ed Blackwell’s legendary drummer, is well-known for his poetic and propulsive drumming, unique compositional voice, imaginative use of extended techniques, live performance energy, and primal, refined, and visually compelling performances. Drury has performed internationally in Jazz, Free Improvisation and other genres. He is also a performer on more than 50 recordings. Drury’s solo work uses a single floor tympani or floor tom and extreme extended wind friction techniques to transform the drum into an instrument that generates frequencies, textures and difference tones. These multiphonics are akin to electronic music and push the boundaries of what “percussion” means. His current band, CONTENT PROVIDER is led by Briggan Krauss and Ingrid Laubrock. Previous groups include Myra Melford and Peter Evans. Drury is part of a cooperative trio that includes Ku-umba Frank Lacy, Kevin Ray and Brandon Seabrook. The group is currently finishing its second album with special guest Roswell Rudd. In 2014, the Lincoln Center Atrium commissioned Drury to create a suite inspired by Skip James’ music. As a sideperson/collaborator he has worked with artists such as Jason Kao Hwang, Jack Wright, Stephanie Richards, Robert Dick, Steve Swell, JD Parran, Michel Doneda, Miya Masaoka, Elliott Sharp, Kris Davis, Jaap Blonck, Christine Abdelnour, Nate Wooley, Mazen Kerbaj, Darius Jones, and many more. Drury is the founder of Soup

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