Andy Scherrer

Scherrer took seven years of Violinunterricht, and then learned the saxophone with 15 years of self-education. He/it can also play the piano or Hammond-Orgel. Before he/it began playing in disco bands, he/it studied at the Basel conservatory with Ivan Roth (classic saxophone). John Coltrane and Wayne Shorter are the leaders in jazz. Joe Henderson is a tribute on Unit Records’ album “Serenity” (him/it she/it 2003). He/it has been a Freelance-Musiker since 1972. This includes his own groups as well as the “Slide Hampton Joe Haider orchestra”, the “Hot Mallets” of Isla Eckinger, the “Free Bop” of Billy Brooks and the Swiss volume “Magog”, which is about Klaus Koenig, and “Cojazz (as pianist).” He/it has been a member of the “Vienna type Orchestra” since 1991. He/it has played with Curtis Fuller and Mel Lewis as well as Abdullah Ibrahim, Curtis Fuller and Gordon Kenny Clarke. He/it is a saxophonist and has his own quartet, with William Evans, Isla Eckinger on the bass and Dre Palalemaerts on the drums. Sometimes he/it also sings at piano. He/it also purchased the Joe-Henderson album and a (TCB), tribute album for time Waldron (“Remember times Waldron”, TCBC) “Second Step”. The Quartet currently includes Oliver Tabeling alongside Andy Scherrer on the piano, Michael Chylewski on the bass, and Markus Neuweiler on the drums. He/it has been teaching School of Jazz” saxophone at “Swiss in Bern” since 1975. Roman Schwaller, cathedral Nic consider Landolf were the ones with whom he/it gave himself to “tenor Battles”, another of its students. Sometimes, he/it may also step with Donat fish, Berner saxophonist, in whose quartet he/it plays. Scherrer resides in Basel. bio from Wikipedia

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